For viewing spatial 3D data.

Properties properties

background background

Configuration for the background of the view.

  • kind: The type of the background. Defaults to BackgroundKind.GradientDark.
  • color: Color used for BackgroundKind.SolidColor.

time_ranges timeranges

Configures which range on each timeline is shown by this view (unless specified differently per entity).

If not specified, the default is to show the latest state of each component. If a timeline is specified more than once, the first entry will be used.

Example example

Use a blueprint to customize a Spatial3DView. use-a-blueprint-to-customize-a-spatial3dview

"""Use a blueprint to customize a Spatial3DView."""

import rerun as rr
import rerun.blueprint as rrb
from numpy.random import default_rng

rr.init("rerun_example_spatial_3d", spawn=True)

# Create some random points.
rng = default_rng(12345)
positions = rng.uniform(-5, 5, size=[50, 3])
colors = rng.uniform(0, 255, size=[50, 3])
radii = rng.uniform(0.1, 0.5, size=[50])

rr.log("points", rr.Points3D(positions, colors=colors, radii=radii))
rr.log("box", rr.Boxes3D(half_sizes=[5, 5, 5], colors=0))

# Create a Spatial3D view to display the points.
blueprint = rrb.Blueprint(
        name="3D Scene",
        # Set the background color to light blue.
        background=[100, 149, 237],


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