Migrating from 0.12 to 0.13

TimeSeriesScalar deprecated in favor of Scalar & SeriesLine/SeriesPoint timeseriesscalar-deprecated-in-favor-of-scalartypesarchetypesscalarmd--serieslinetypesarchetypesserieslinemdseriespointtypesarchetypesseriespointmd

Previously, TimeSeriesScalar was used to define both data and styling of time series plots. Going forward, this is done separately: data is now logged via Scalar. Styling for point/marker series via SeriesPoint and styling for line series via SeriesLine. (Both styling archetypes are typically logged as timeless but this is not a requirement and any property may change over time!)

TimeSeriesScalar will be removed in a future release.

Changes in space view creation heuristics changes-in-space-view-creation-heuristics

The overhaul of automatic Space View creation makes the Viewer faster and more predictable but comes with a few changes on how paths are expected to be structured:

  • When working with images of different resolutions, the image entities will end up defining the root of the created spaces.
    • This means shapes like annotated rects that are in image coordinates are best logged below rather than next-to the image path.
    • Example:
      • Before: image at image/rgb, rects at image/annotation
      • After: image at image, rects at image/annotation
    • Previously Rerun treated children of the root-space as special. This behavior has been removed for 2D views to give more predictable results regardless of prefix.
      • The primary 2D partitioning is now driven by putting images of the same size in the same view, with each space being created as the common ancestor of all the images of the size.
      • As such, it is important to put any non-image 2D content in a location that will be included in the space of the appropriate dimensions.
      • Note that children of root are still special for 3D & time series views but this may change in the future see #4926
  • DisconnectedSpace now strictly applies only to 2D and 3D Space Views
    • Internally, the heuristic now reasons about a 2D/3D topology which does not affect other types of views. DisconnectedSpace represents a hard cut in this topology.

Future releases will allow you to specify Space Views & view layout from code.