A monochrome or color image.

The order of dimensions in the underlying TensorData follows the typical row-major, interleaved-pixel image format. Additionally, Rerun orders the TensorDimensions within the shape description from outer-most to inner-most.

As such, the shape of the TensorData must be mappable to:

  • A HxW tensor, treated as a grayscale image.
  • A HxWx3 tensor, treated as an RGB image.
  • A HxWx4 tensor, treated as an RGBA image.

Leading and trailing unit-dimensions are ignored, so that 1x480x640x3x1 is treated as a 480x640x3 RGB image.

Rerun also supports compressed image encoded as JPEG, N12, and YUY2. Using these formats can save a lot of bandwidth and memory.

Components components

Required: TensorData

Optional: DrawOrder

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Example example

image_simple imagesimple

"""Create and log an image."""

import numpy as np
import rerun as rr

# Create an image with numpy
image = np.zeros((200, 300, 3), dtype=np.uint8)
image[:, :, 0] = 255
image[50:150, 50:150] = (0, 255, 0)

rr.init("rerun_example_image", spawn=True)

rr.log("image", rr.Image(image))