A 2D point cloud with positions and optional colors, radii, labels, etc.

Components components

Required: Position2D

Recommended: Radius, Color

Optional: Text, DrawOrder, ClassId, KeypointId

Shown in shown-in

Examples examples

Simple 2D points simple-2d-points

"""Log some very simple points."""

import rerun as rr
import rerun.blueprint as rrb

rr.init("rerun_example_points2d", spawn=True)

rr.log("points", rr.Points2D([[0, 0], [1, 1]]))

# Set view bounds:
rr.send_blueprint(rrb.Spatial2DView(visual_bounds=rrb.VisualBounds2D(x_range=[-1, 2], y_range=[-1, 2])))

Randomly distributed 2D points with varying color and radius randomly-distributed-2d-points-with-varying-color-and-radius

"""Log some random points with color and radii."""

import rerun as rr
import rerun.blueprint as rrb
from numpy.random import default_rng

rr.init("rerun_example_points2d_random", spawn=True)
rng = default_rng(12345)

positions = rng.uniform(-3, 3, size=[10, 2])
colors = rng.uniform(0, 255, size=[10, 4])
radii = rng.uniform(0, 1, size=[10])

rr.log("random", rr.Points2D(positions, colors=colors, radii=radii))

# Set view bounds:
rr.send_blueprint(rrb.Spatial2DView(visual_bounds=rrb.VisualBounds2D(x_range=[-4, 4], y_range=[-4, 4])))