By implementing custom visualizations (Rust only)

Embedding custom UI in the Viewer embedding-custom-ui-in-the-viewer

The Rerun Viewer, extended with a custom panel to the right

In the above screenshot you see the example extend_viewer_ui, which contains the Rerun Viewer to the left and a custom panel to the right. In this example the panel contains a hierarchial text view of the loaded data.

How to build it how-to-build-it

The Rerun Viewer is defined by the crate re_viewer. It uses the popular Rust GUI library egui (written by our CTO) and its framework eframe. To extend the UI you need to create your own eframe application and embed re_viewer inside of it. You can then use egui to add custom panels and windows.

The best way to get started is by reading the source code of the extend_viewer_ui example.

Custom space views classes custom-space-views-classes

The Rerun Viewer, extended with a custom Space View that is shown three times, each time showing points on a colored plane

Above screenshot shows the custom_space_view example. This example demonstrates how to add a fully custom Space View class to Rerun on startup. Space Views that are added this way have access to the exact same interfaces as all other Space Views, meaning that any of the built-in Space Views serves can serve as an additional example on how to implement Space Views.

⚠️ Note that the interface for adding Space Views are very far from stable. Expect code implementing custom Space Views to break with every release of Rerun.

Future work

We plan to also support embedding your own GUI widgets inside existing space views.