Our team

We founded Rerun after experiencing how central visualization tooling is to bringing computer vision and AI to the physical world. We’ve previously worked together for several years, where great tools were key to our success. After rebuilding those tools for multiple products, we saw how they could be made powerful and general enough to truly accelerate the whole industry.


We’re united by our conviction in the incredible impact computer vision will have on the world, and our desire to build a company where you can both do your life’s work and have space for the important things in your life like family and interests.

portrait of Emil Ernerfeldt
avatar of Emil Ernerfeldt

Emil Ernerfeldt Co-Founder & CTO

Emil fell in love with coding over 20 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. He’s the creator of egui, an easy-to-use immediate mode GUI in Rust, that we’re using to build Rerun. He brings a strong perspective from the gaming industry, with a focus on great and blazing fast tools.

portrait of Nikolaus West
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Nikolaus West Co-Founder & CEO

Niko is a second-time founder and software engineer with a computer vision background from Stanford. He’s fanatic about bringing great computer vision and robotics products to the physical world.

portrait of Moritz Schiebold
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Moritz Schiebold Co-Founder & COO

Moritz is an entrepreneur with a passion for building customer relationships. He led 3D scanning company Volumental as CEO from pre-product to global market leader, and knows what it takes to both steer a company through choppy water and to go all out when the wind is at your back.

portrait of Jeremy Leibs
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Jeremy Leibs Software Engineer

Jeremy has worked at the intersection of developer productivity and computer vision for most of his career. He started his journey on the core ROS team at Willow Garage working on e.g. the rosbag format. Since then he's built tools at Magic Leap, Zipline, and Meta Reality Labs, where he has encountered many of the problems that Rerun wants to solve.

portrait of Clement Rey
avatar of Clement Rey

Clement Rey Software Engineer

Clement has already taken the journey from initial team to scaled startup twice. He loves low level systems programming and making things go fast. Most recently he worked on data infrastructure at Zenly. In his spare time he works on his own high performance voxel-based 3D rendering engine.

portrait of Andreas Reich
avatar of Andreas Reich

Andreas Reich Software Engineer

Andreas has spent his career building game engines. He’s worked at Havok at Microsoft, and then most recently at Unity Technologies. He’s mostly worked on the low level parts of the engines. He’s also passionate about 3D rendering and is one of the maintainers of wgpu.

portrait of Antoine Beyeler
avatar of Antoine Beyeler

Antoine Beyeler Software Engineer

Antoine started his journey in computer vision with a PhD focusing on autonomous drone flight. That led him to co-found drone company senseFly (acquired by AgEagle). As CTO at senseFly Antoine did everything from building the first generations of the product to leading large engineering teams.

portrait of Jan Procházka
avatar of Jan Procházka

Jan Procházka Software Engineer

Jan is our prodigy. He started seriously programming during high school, and then immediately began working as a developer after graduating. He is focusing on the developer experience at Rerun. In his free time he tinkers with compilers and attempts to build programming languages.


  • Alban Denoyel
  • Alper Aydemir
  • Christopher Hopper
  • David Crawford
  • Jan Erik Solem
  • Rasmus Brönnegård
  • Jeff Powers
  • Kai Diekmann
  • Kevin Stumpf
  • Luc Vincent
  • Matt Miesnieks
  • Saskia Sefranek
  • Sune Alstrup
  • Till Quack
  • Vikas Reddy