Computer vision for tennis

Computer vision is revolutionizing the way we solve problems in the real world. At Rerun, we have the opportunity to work with developers who are creating innovative computer vision products. One company we want to highlight is PlayReplay.

Accurate line calling for everyone accurate-line-calling-for-everyone

PlayReplay is bringing advanced technology, previously only seen at tournaments on professional tennis courts, to local courts. Their software can accurately call balls in or out and provides in-depth statistics like serve speed, shot distributions and rpm on your spin. The system is self-sufficient, requiring no specialized personnel for each game. It consists of eight sensors that can be attached to the net post and is operated through a tablet or phone. The solution has received endorsement from the Swedish Tennis Federation and has even replaced human line calling in youth tournaments in Sweden.

A video describing the PlayReplay product

An introspection tool for the entire company an-introspection-tool-for-the-entire-company

When we spoke with PlayReplay's CTO, Mattias Hanqvist, he had big plans for his visualization stack. He wanted to create an introspection tool that could be used across the organization to improve alignment between developers, support teams, and end users. The tool should allow developers to not only understand the algorithms they're working on, but also experience the product as an end user would. It should also enable the first line support team to gain a deeper understanding of algorithms and malfunctioning systems. Additionally, Hanqvist wanted to build visualizations such that they could easily be adapted from being used by developers to being included in the end product for actual users.

PlayReplay's 3D court view, built using Rerun.

Today, PlayReplay is a part of the Rerun alpha user program and has shifted their internal visualizations over to Rerun. The main user for now is their development team. Going forward the plan is to extend the usage across additional parts of the team.

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