Rerun OSS beta is released

Today we're making the Rerun open source project public. Rerun is now installable as pip install rerun-sdk for Python users and cargo add rerun for Rust users.

Rerun is an SDK for logging data like images, tensors and point clouds, paired with an app that builds visualizations around that data. We built Rerun for computer vision and robotics developers. It makes it easy to debug, explore and understand internal state and data with minimal code. The point is to make it much easier to build computer vision and robotics solutions for the real world.

Rerun is in beta rerun-is-in-beta

Rerun is already quite powerful and useful. A couple of great teams have been using it for several months, as both their main internal debugging tool and as a way to show off their systems to customers and investors. Check out our demo video to get some flavour of what's there now.

We anticipate iterating on core api's and adding core functionality for some time to come. For example, we believe that the ability to configure layout and rendering options from the SDK, read out logged data as DataFrames in Python, and to log data from C++ programs, are must-haves before dropping the beta label. That list can be made a lot longer of course and also includes many data types that don't yet have native support. The beta label is also there to indicate that it's still a young project and there are wrinkles that need smoothing out.

Why make it public now? why-make-it-public-now

We've rebuilt the core of Rerun several times now and building in private where we knew all the users by name has definitely made that easier.

The team has put in a lot of hard work over the last months and we're at a point now where it's already a very useful tool, and the kernel of what Rerun will become is in place. We have a pretty clear idea of where we want Rerun to go, but we want to make sure we go there together with the community. Or better yet, for the community to help us see all the things we're currently missing.

Rerun is now open for contributions and we're all eagerly looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Get involved on Github and come say hi or ask a question on Discord.